TV Station Manager

TV Station Manager 1.2.4

Convert yourself into a media magnate

TV Station Manager is a simulation game that lets you take control of a small independent TV station, about to go bankrupt.

The current TV boss hired you to help the company recover from this bad situation, so now it's up to you! You'll have full decisional powers! With an easy interface, including tooltips and a tutorial to get fast into the game. Some of the things you can do include:

Buy or Sell rights to display programs on your TV! With 16 different program categories, from Action to Gossip, Documentary to Kids, and three different types (movies, series and daily programs) you surely will find something that suit your tastes!
Get exclusive advertising deals, based on specific public target and minimum attendance.
Arrange everything into the weekly schedule. Put the right program at the right hour, and place the ads on the best program to earn money!
If you're not satisfied about the current market offer for TV programs, make your own TV Show with the "Production Studio" ! Choose which actor/actresses will take part, decide the plot, the setting, and produce your own masterpiece!
Check the situation with various statistics on the Company Management Screen and decide promotional campaign to attract a specific segment of the public

And if you will do a good job, you could even get a share of the company. Featuring great re-playability value, awesome 3d graphics and an easy to learn interface, TV Station Manager will keep you busy building an empire.

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TV Station Manager


TV Station Manager 1.2.4

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